I’m Brandon Gaylord, candidate for the New York State Assembly in the 106th district. I live in Chatham, NY with my wife, Jenelle, and son Martin. I grew up in Arizona and moved to New York in 2013 to attend SUNY Geneseo where I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in History. I then moved to Boston, MA to pursue Master’s in Education from Harvard University. I’m currently a History teacher at Green Tech Charter School, a volunteer firefighter, and a member of the planning board in Chatham.

While attending SUNY Geneseo, I developed a not-for-profit organization called StandUp Leadership. This organization gave under-served high-school students a day of free leadership workshops meant to empower their decisions regarding their futures. It was a project that I built from the ground up, because all too often these high-school students don’t have the tools or guidance to see their full potential while planning for what’s ahead, whether it be higher education or the workforce. Local businesses were enthused about the opportunity to talk to these students and share their guidance and advice about their respective fields. This was an incredibly remarkable and rewarding experience.

New York State – The Empire State is ranked 48 out of 50 for business-friendly-states. Our budget is more than double the state of Florida which has a population that is 10% greater than ours. Year after year, we lose hardworking taxpayers to states like Florida due to the financial burden placed on us by the one-party control in Albany.

New York used to be the state of prosperity and growth and now it’s the state of high crime and financial ruin. Our taxes continue to creep higher and higher, while Albany politicians double down on their fiscally irresponsible policies and socially extreme agendas, like their criminal justice reform package.

As a husband and father, I cannot sit idly by while Albany politicians repeat historically terrible decisions that not only create economic chaos but also put our families, small businesses, and communities at risk. Our families should come first, and our safety should be at the forefront of the legislature’s agenda.

For too long we’ve seen politicians say one thing and do another. Every two years we hear the same song and dance about unity and moderation and every legislative session we are faced with extremist views, cringeworthy public policy and fiscal irresponsibility.

It’s not all bad though. New York, if governed properly has the potential to turn things around and support business, our children, and our communities. We live in a tremendously beautiful state and we can live that beauty everyday with policies that make sense for all New-Yorkers.

New York State has a lot of potential and we need to make sure we elect the right people to office. If elected, I promise I’ll stand up to extremist ideology and the policy platforms that have continued to derail New York. I’ll fight for small businesses, job creation, a better school system for our children, and most of all our public safety. I will work hard to serve the people that I represent, place a priority on boosting our economy, and cutting taxes and fees to relieve the burden on the taxpayer.

I hope I can count on your support and most importantly your vote this November.